How to Become a Life Member:
Anyone who has completed one academic year as a student at GVR&S-CET is eligible for life membership.

You can download the Application form from college website, fill it up, and Submit at college Alumni-Association office.

For Students who already passed out from the institute may submit your complete details in online through email or through give link.

Join US

The Alumni are the face of this institute, and they have in the past contributed a lot to the institute.

We want you to come back:

By Joining with Alumni, You could come to the institute and to take a look at the work in the labs around the institutes, meet your old professors, visit your old hostel and meet with the student living in your old room, mentor a pool of students, meet the students in the Student - Alumni Meet or just hang out by the lake side.

The institute welcomes you with open arms.

Comeback to your beloved ‘institute’ revel in its glory, about your past, and reminisce about your time in it. And we are sure the students need your help too.


GVR&S-CET has completed 10-Years – with a deep sense of satisfaction and pride over its contributions, achievements and recognition received.

As a young and vibrant Institution entering its 10-Years of Excellence, it has introspected over the past, and embarked on the pursuit of its vision of becoming the "fountainhead of new ideas and of innovators in technology and science" and has the objective of joining the global super league of Institutes recognized for their excellence in education, research, creativity and innovation.

In this regard, the Institute needs to take several new initiatives, and need several new ideas from old student: besides strengthening the all departments by mobilizing and deploy significant resources.